SACHI IS MY PRIDE AND JOY / She'd do anything for me / I don't think she even recognizes me anymore / But I still love her with all my heart

—Yoshie Shinozaki, Corpse Party (CHAPTER 1)

Yoshie Shinozaki

篠崎 ヨシヱ
(しのざき よしゑ)


Shinozaki Yoshie






5' 3" (162 cm)


107 lb (48.8 kg)

Birth Date

May 15 (Taurus)

Blood Type

A type

Bust Size

C cup


Heavenly Host Elementary School


Former Elementary School Nurse



Cause of Death

Fell down stairs and snapped neck after running away from a rapist


Seiji (Husband)
Sachiko, Sachi (Daughters)
Raki (Mother)
Kaon (Father)
Seira (Grandmother)
Zaion (Great-Grandmother)
Makina, Chidzuru (Aunts)
Takashi, Tadanari (Uncles)
Yuri, Yohko, Jin, Kanae (1C)
Tadashi, Yuuki, Hirohito (1CIL)
Ayato (1C1R)
Asuka (1CIL1R)
Hinoe, Ayumi (1C2R)

Voices & Actors
PSP and/or iOS VA

Ikue Ōtani

Vita VA

Ikue Ōtani

Yoshie Shinozaki (篠崎 ヨシヱ Shinozaki Yoshie?) (1926 - 1953) is the mother of Sachiko Shinozaki.


Yoshie is an adult woman of below average height and weight. She has black hair tied in a bun and black eyes. She wears a white shirt, a black skirt and white shoes. As a spirit, her skin is gray and her clothes are ragged. Her neck is also snapped.


Whilst she was alive, Yoshie was a kind, caring school nurse who loved to be around children, especially her own child Sachiko Shinozaki who she called her own "pride and joy" and seemed to be on good terms with Takamine Yanagihori before her death. After her death by the hands of the Principal she had a desire for revenge and placed a curse on the Yanagihori family, she also gradually became jealous of the nurse that replaced her, as well as the living in general. After several years, she became lonely and whilst under the influence of the darkening, wished for company. Her daughter Sachiko fulfilled her wishes and killed numerous children, sending their spirits to Heavenly Host to keep her company.


Corpse Party

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party (PC), Corpse Party (PSP, iOS) and Corpse Party (3DS) follow


Yoshie appears in the Infirmary as the black mist and tries to kill Naomi Nakashima while the latter tries to find the way out of the Infirmary.


Satoshi walks into the infirmary alone as Naomi and Yuka couldn't go with him and he encounters Yoshie. They both talk for a minute then she attacks him. Satoshi grabs her diary and runs away. Then the group read the diary and learns about the past when she worked in the Heavenly Host Elementary School. When the principal, after his attempt to rape her, killed her by pushing her body down the stairs. Now, her spirit wanders the infirmary.

She has a diary where she continues to write what happens in school even after her death.

Corpse Party: Blood Covered (Manga)

Volume 2

Yoshie again appears as black mist and tries to kill Naomi.

Volume 9

As Satoshi picks up Sachiko's tongue from Takamine he sees a flashback of Yoshie's death. Later Satoshi and Ayumi both walk into the Infirmary in hopes to get help from Yoshie. However, Yoshie attacks them, but is stopped when Ayumi helps Satoshi purify her. After she is purified she then tells the two about the day she died. After she told them she disappears.

Volume 10

Yoshie appears in the basement and tries to calm Sachiko down. After she manages to do that, she tells the group to finish purifing her. After Sachiko turns back to normal she thanks the group and leaves Heavenly Host with her daughter.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Book of Shadows follow

Episode #3; 『Encounter』

Yoshie appears in Yui Shishido's dream of her school years. As Yui was about to leave the classroom, lights turned off and she heard Yoshie walking, Yoshie then tries to kill Yui, but an old lady's spirit stops her.

Prologue; 『BloodDrive』

Yoshie appears in the pictures in her house. If you walk into one room you can hear her screaming that the curse succeded, meaning that she lost her husband.

Significant plot details end here.


  • In Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, the spirits of Yoshie's patients can be seen.


Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party series follow

Corpse Party (PC)

Corpse Party (PSP, iOS)

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko no Ren'ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U

Corpse Party: Blood Drive

Corpse Party (Live Action Movie)

Significant plot details end here.


Title Design Chapters
Corpse Party
Chapter 1, Chapter 5
Corpse Party
(PlayStation Portable, iOS)
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
(PlayStation Portable, iOS)
Episode #3; 『Encounter』,
Prologue; 『BloodDrive』
Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko no Ren'ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U
(PlayStation Portable)
#0; Hysteric Birthday!,

#8; Today's the Day, Farewell

Corpse Party: Blood Drive
(PlayStation Vita)
CHAPTER 00 『 A Faint Light 』 (Photograph),
CHAPTER 01 『 Returning 』,
CHAPTER 07 『 Determination 』
Corpse Party
(Nintendo 3DS)
Chapter 1, Chapter 5
Title Design Volumes/Chapters
Corpse Party Blood Covered
Volume 1, Volume 9, Volume 10
Corpseparty; Musume
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 16
Corpse Party: Sachiko no Ren'ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U
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Corpse Party
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Yoshie (live)
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