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Short for "Wicca Institute." An association dedicated to the worship of spirits, which Hinoe was a part of. Their goal is to commune with spirits and live as one with nature.

Encyclopedia Obscura Entry

The Wicca Institute (ウィッカ・インスティテュート Wikka Insutityūto?), abbreviated to simply W.I., is an organization that worships spirits. Their goal is to commune with spirits and live as one with nature. Most, if not all members of this organization are female and regard to each other as "W.I. sisters".

Members Edit

W.I. sisters
Name Age/Birthdate Sex Status Design
Hinoe Shinozaki (篠崎 ひのえ Shinozaki Hinoe?) 27 (March 11th) Female Deceased Hinoe Shinozaki CoPa
Mirai Yamamura (山村 魅来 Yamamura Mirai?) Unknown Female Alive Mirai Yamamura-trprt kindlephoto-573016

Trivia Edit

  • A common trait between the two known members of the organisation is an opal gem necklace that both Hinoe and Mirai wear. It might be a sign of the organisation or a spiritual item given to each member.

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