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    September 16, 2013 by Japeezy121

    So I just had an idea. thats it go away...jk 

    But i was thinking that we should post some glitches on corpse party that people find and try to find some. 

    For example the ayumi glitch where you get ayumi killed once the time reaches 0 and you save her. (did it before)

    or (i made this one up dont know if its real or not) an invisible yuka glitch that would be kinda funny. 

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  • Japeezy121

    so i was bored then my brother and i came across this game its really odd but funny at the same time 

    heres the link

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  • Japeezy121

    Since that Corpse party dead patient is coming out i was wondering, who's ready for it and do you think it will be a good game or not because for me im kind of skeptical about it. It looks cool but the fact that it's not in heavenly host and that the original characters might not show feels kinda uneasy to me, but enough about my opinion how about you guys? 

    Will it be a good game or not. 

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  • Japeezy121

    Ok so this has kind of been bothering me since they never showed an ending of kisaragi survivors leaving heavenly host. 

    I think that since yuka died i think the ending will be the same as wrong ending from blood covered when satoshi succumbs to the darkening naomi is beaten to death by ayumi.

    Will it be the same as the ending or no? 

    (sorry if this doesnt sound good its my first blog thing.)

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