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    hi! just wanted to say that im sorry that i couldnt make storys lately ive been a little....busy. but HEY im back to do more!!! so im gonna shut up and make the story!!

    scene 1 part2: blood is read...


    As i clutch to carmens arm i start to tremble in fear into the deep, dark hallway but i try to stay focus. all i could see was broken floorboards, rotten walls and rusty windows all covered in blood.

    what is this place? this looks like a school, and whats with all the blood? how come carmen isnt shocked by this?

    carmens face looked plain and pale....she was never pale in her entire life and she kept on staring at everything. The blood, the floor and the dark hallway. so basically...we were both terrified but carmen didnt show it.


    C: "yea…

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  • Immortalchild13

    Wha....what the....where am i? my head.....i feel so i dead?

    As i get up on my two feet, i try to concentrate on my vision. i notice a dark, moldy room with broken chairs, cracked holes in the floor and ceiling and blood...everywhere. the room was cold and quite dusty, there was no light to put on, so i couldn't see very well and i was alone. until i notice someone in the distance, it was a girl, i couldn't see her face so i tried to get a closer look, but the floor had a massive crack, spliting the room in half, but i manage to get a better look and i could'nt beleive my eyes!


    She was lying on her front and her hair was covering her face. i tried to find a way to get to the other side but all i could find is a small pla…

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  • Immortalchild13

    okay...seeming that i cant go on the chat anymore, ive decided to do a little fanfiction for you guys...and i really want you to like it! its gonna be a little short but ill make it longer some other time!

    okay hope you enjoy it! :)

    Its been five days since summer holiday started and i have no plans. sheesh, what am i gonna do this holiday? well, i might as well call my friends for party, just to celebrate the holidays. now lets see....carmen....dom....raven,talmire,kitty they seem all free. lets give it a try!

    As i call my friends one by one im getting a strange feeling someones at my door, so i go check just in case. while i was still talking to my friend i slowly open finding a small envelope on my front door mat. i pick it up and shut the…

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  • Immortalchild13


    July 5, 2013 by Immortalchild13


    hello people of the chat place.

    i have very VERY bad forbidden from the chat.....FOR GOOD....

    BUT until my parents give me any further notice, i will give the details but from now on this is my all of you, im gonna miss you SO much and when or IF i get back please give me all the info and details

    now i have to make these my final words.....for now



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  • Immortalchild13

    I DID A BAD!


    • sigh* lets start from where it started shall we?

    i just came back from a school today and this boy ben was a pain in the ASS! we cepted taking the miki for a few hours on the way back to school....then DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN.....ok it isnt that big..

    well....when ben and i stop fighting the girl called maisie (WHOS A BITCH) started to tell me to shut up and shit.

    then we started fighting and boy did she get on my nerves! and suddenly she too far! SHE CALLED ME A LESBIAN!!!!! AND BOY WAS I PISSED OFF! and by the time i got off.... i...started attacking masie....i pulled her hair and punched her in the face...WHY DID I DO THAT!

    after that i ended up crying my eyes out for doing that! BUT SHE STARTED IT!! ive never …

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