I think that Morishige is immortal. There, I said it. Go ahead and laugh at me. But I have evidence to back it up!

1. Morishige is never SHOWN to die in Blood Covered.

  • Evidence: The window next to him, the one that he supposedly jumped out of, isn't broken. The windows in the school don't budge at all, no matter how much force you put into them. His corpse is never found.

2. He is never SHOWN to die at the end of Book of Shadows, either.

  • Evidence: This time, the victims' deaths are to be unavoidable, but he is never shown to die, and we never figure out what happens to him.

3. He's never shown to die, even in the Wrong Ends.

  • Evidence: In one wrong end, everything goes black around him, but his death isn't shown nor confirmed in that wrong end. In another Wrong End, he joins in with Sachiko while she's murdering Emi, but it never says that he dies after doing that. In the Wrong End where he looks back, it leaves us at the cliffhanger where he's about to see Mayu, but his death still isn't directly confirmed at that point.

Could it be that he's immortal????? o_O

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