• Haru-Luka-Chan

    Good news guys!

    September 3, 2013 by Haru-Luka-Chan

    I'm never leaving!


    Okay, the real news is that I'm more back now, and I'm going to be a lot more active here. Thanks to a sudden disruption named Sophiegizzy in my activity on other sites, I'll be staying on Wikia more often. Hooray, I guess? 

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  • Haru-Luka-Chan

    What does he do in that bathroom stall? ._. Just asking. >.>

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  • Haru-Luka-Chan

    Okay, so I'm going to go through the entire creation of the evil Heavenly Host Elementary, through every detail. Enjoi.



    Magic is powered by emotion. When someone has the will and want to protect or help someone, it's not nerve impulse that helps that person, it's the body's wish to do so. The same thing can be said with magic, for if you wish to  use magic to protect someone, and you have strong feelings towards doing so, the outcome will be your emotion.

    But the same is done through the opposite of emotions. Hate and Anger can lead someone to kill another, Greif and Agony can lead one to kill themself, Sadness and Loss can lead someone to look for an escape. When one has strong negative …

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  • Haru-Luka-Chan

    About my last blog entry, well I actually have a new theory now

    It's believe that Morishige jumped out the window and died, committing suicide, after finding out about Mayu's death. But I have a new theory. I believe that Mayus' spirit brought him to death. It would make sense, as most of the spirits in the school are controlled by Sachiko. And the fact that Morishige had no marks on him in Book of Shadows. 

    So Mayu's spirit killed him. That's my theory. what do you guys think? ((PS: The Manga of Blood Covered was different from the game. The game in cannon, while the manga is far from it. So his death may be different.))

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  • Haru-Luka-Chan


    I think that Morishige is immortal. There, I said it. Go ahead and laugh at me. But I have evidence to back it up!

    1. Morishige is never SHOWN to die in Blood Covered.

    • Evidence: The window next to him, the one that he supposedly jumped out of, isn't broken. The windows in the school don't budge at all, no matter how much force you put into them. His corpse is never found.

    2. He is never SHOWN to die at the end of Book of Shadows, either.

    • Evidence: This time, the victims' deaths are to be unavoidable, but he is never shown to die, and we never figure out what happens to him.

    3. He's never shown to die, even in the Wrong Ends.

    • Evidence: In one wrong end, everything goes black around him, bu…

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