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    Yuuya Kizami

    November 16, 2012 by Fariyo

    Kizami is my favorite Corpse Party character, and I'll tell you why. There are so many reasons why he's my favorite, so I'll start from the beginning.

    When I first encountered Kizami in the manga, I was enamored by his devilishly good looks. I was actually somewhat glad to know that he wasn't right in the head. If he was simply handome and charming, my feelings towards him would've just been superficial. After I decided to RP as him, I discovered that he was actually a very deep character.

    There's nothing about Kizami that I don't like, except for the fact that he's dead. His troubled past, his seemingly level-headed demeanor towards everyone around him, his morbid insights on death, everything about him is so fascinating to me. Not just tha…

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