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Name: Sama Motishada (Sa-ma Mo-tis-hada)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 6'' (168cm)

Weight: 53.3kg (117lbs)

Hair Colour: Light Brown.

Eye Colour: Blue.

Blood Type: O

Birth Date: November 26th

Bust Size: B


School: Makamoto High School

Occupation: High School Student

Class: 1-5

Personal Status

Status: [Unknown]

Likes: Small animals, art and her friend Sakuya.

Dislikes: Being abandoned by someone, large animals/creatures such as bears.

Hobbies: Practicing a part-time job as a animal nurse at a local animal shelter.

Dreams for the future: To become an animal veteranarian.


Kijumo (Father)

Yukimi (Mother)

Seimon (Younger brother)

Kisuma (Older Sister)

Diseases or Disorders: Paranoia (when alone).

Story: At the time of "The Bloodied Past", Sama is tricked by Kitsuko into helping him to perform the Sachiko Ever After charm in belief that it will make her get great grades in the future, though she has Sakuya join the duo as she is somewhat untrusting of the charm. After being dragged into Heavenly Host she awakens in the art room on the second wing, but likely in another space to Sakuya and Kitsuko. This loneliness is severely affecting her sanity and she is constantly thrown into states of distraught, only being relieved of them due to her reassurement that she'll find Sakuya "just around the next corner".

At one point during the story she will meet Matuo from Kisaragi Academy, but in belief that he is a ghost she flees in terror and hides away from him in the girl's bathroom. This however causes her to become trapped for a long amount of time in which she is one again affected by possession, but due to being completely trapped her previous reassurement has no effect to her changing mind.

-No more for the time being-

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