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Name: Sakuya Kaoee (Sak-ou-ya Kai-o-ee)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 3'' (164cm)

Weight: 52.4kg (115lbs)

Hair Colour: Blonde.

Eye Colour: Brown.

Blood Type: B

Birth Date: December 2nd

Bust Size: C


School: Makamoto High School

Occupation: High School Student

Class: 1-5

Personal Status

Status: [Unknown]

Likes: She holds a fond interest in knives and sharp objects, as well as being alone (although she enjoys the company of her friend Sama).

Dislikes: Sakuya has a deep hatred for men. She also has a fond dislike for certain foods, such as dried fruits.

Hobbies: Practicing dances with her friend Sama.

Dreams for the future: A tie between becoming an animal veteranarian, and becoming a marine.


Sataku (Father-deceased)

Erina (Mother)

Diseases or Disorders: Autism (leading to small outbursts of violence).

Story: Persuaded by Kitsuko (and somewhat Sama) into helping alongside them with the Sachiko Ever After charm. She awakens alongside Kitsuko, and due to her autism and how she is awakened the two are not fond of each other. But when their predicament starts to become worse, they have to work together. She is intent on finding her friend Sama, though she is unable to do so due to the separation of spaces. After being greeted by a spirit telling them about such, she is immediately filled with grief and even attempts suicide by jumping from the top of a flight of stairs though the attempt fails and she is left with a badly injured right leg.

Sakuya has several outbursts of anger with Kitsuko due to her mental disorder, though she knows it is happening, and she is constantly feeling regret when she recovers from the latter. However, as her own Darkening increases she begins to feel less regret after her outbursts.

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