(#8 of 8). Yes, this is the same Metsuki Saranoro as in my previous blog post. However, this is before Blood Covered; that post can be considered out of date, as I have decided to change the time she is at Heavenly Host though what unfolds there is similar of course.


Name: Metsuki Saranoro (Met-suu-ki Sar-an-oro)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 8'' (178cm)

Weight: 54.2kg (119lbs)

Hair Colour: Ginger/Amber.

Eye Colour: Bright Blue.

Blood Type: O

Birth Date: September 21st

Bust Size: D


School: Kisaragi Academy

Occupation: High School Student

Class: 2-4

Personal Status

Status: Alive

Likes: Hanging out with friends, playing sports and computer games and constantly getting involved in school activies.

Dislikes: Insects (specifically Arachnids), confined spaces and her parents.

Hobbies: Working after school in her classroom and helping to clean up.

Dreams for the future: To be a teacher.


Soto (Father)

Nasumi (Mother)

Kizo (Baby brother)

Diseases or Disorders: Asthmatic.

Story: After awakening alone in Heavenly Host, Metsuki is quick to learn from a spirit that she will be unable to meet her friends though contact may be possible. The spirit tells her to not follow false voices, as they will lead her to nothing before suddenly turning violent and attacking her injuring her hand. Unlike her friends, Metsuki is able to cope with her surroundings though she does feel affected several times. She is very unaffected by the Darkening due to her large intent on finding everyone and leaving safely, together. However at one point she becomes trapped within a bathroom stall after being chased by a boy spirit (Ryou), and awakens later in Classroom 1-A though she is unable to identify how she got there.

Metsuki is solely intent on saving her friends, and goes to great heights in doing so. Because of these intentions she is almost killed on two occasions (in Chapter 1), though she is able to avoid death on both occasions.

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