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Name: Matuo Kanazhima (Matt-u-o Kana-se-zima)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 7 (175cm)

Weight: 54.0kg (119lbs)

Hair Colour: Black.

Eye Colour: Brown..

Blood Type: O

Birth Date: June 3rd


School: Kisaragi Academy.

Occupation: High School Student

Class: 2-4

Personal Status

Status: [Unknown]

Likes: Photography and Writing.

Dislikes: When he goes somewhere, but is not permitted to explore.

Hobbies: Taking photographs of scenic views.

Dreams for the future: To become a Photographer.


Yakashimo (Father)

Yuma (Mother)

Kerasho (Baby Brother)

Diseases or Disorders: Suffers recently from depression due to a death of a friend.

Story: Matuo can be seen as the antagonist of the members of "The Bloodied Past", as he is the person to bring four of his fellow students into Heavenly Host. Though he claims otherwise, it is possible that he knew exactly what would happen and did it as an act of vengeance, being that most of those he brings with him were not previously kind to both him and his friend. However, he shows great consideration for his accomplices. He leaves several messages throughout the school titled "Entry #" in hopes to contact those he is not able to be with, but when he discovers his first vengeful spirit and is split from Saka, these messages start to change to not talking to them directly, but talking more in a maniacal and third person way.

At one point he discovers the changing hallway and finds his way to the second wing, meeting Sama though she runs from him in fear.

-No more for the time being-

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