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Name: Kitsuko Masayumi (Kit-sou-ko Mash-ay-umi)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 6 (171cm)

Weight: 54.6kg (120lbs)

Hair Colour: Ginger.

Eye Colour: Green/Sage.

Blood Type: B

Birth Date: March 7th


School: Makamoto High School

Occupation: High School Student

Class: 1-5

Personal Status

Status: [Unknown]

Likes: Ghost stories and Cults.

Dislikes: A majority of people do not enjoy his stories.

Hobbies: Somewhat like Ayumi, he is very fond of Naho Saenoki's website. He is the reason that Sakuya and Sama become trapped within Heavenly Host alongside of him.

Dreams for the future: To become a Ghost Hunter.


Matsuo (Father)

Tokima (Mother)

Katchuka (Sister)

Diseases or Disorders: Throughout his life, he has had sudden cases of amnesia.

Story: Kitsuko, like Matuo, can be seen as the antagonist but for Sakuya and Sama. He finds himself trapped alongside Sakuya, though when they first awake the two are very unsure of working together. Knowing that they have to depend on each other though, the duo are forced to work alongside each other. Kitsuko is very much regretting using the charm, unlike Matuo, in which he states that he only found it out from multiple sources about it (though he tricked Sama and Sakuya) and he never really knew about what would happen, only hoping to scare the two.

While trapped in Heavenly Host he is affected by his amnesia numerous times, one in which he is attacked by a spirit (saved by Sakuya's interference) and completely forgets it moments later. However he knows that he has this problem, and hopes that Sakuya will just be able to deal with him.

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