Just something brief; all of these (#s of 8) characters are to be included in a personal story of Corpse Party set prior to the events of Blood Covered, following my own set of characters. I am going to be writing the story itself soon, but characters and their backstories are currently a must-have. Enjoy.


Name: Keiji Manasote (Kay-ze Mana-sot-ai)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 6 (168cm)

Weight: 53.8kg (118lbs)

Hair Colour: Dark Brown.

Eye Colour: Green/Sage.

Blood Type: B

Birth Date: November 13th


School: Kisaragi Academy.

Occupation: High School Student

Class: 2-4

Personal Status

Status: [Unknown]

Likes: His Dog "Luka", playing cards with his best friend Saka.

Dislikes: Being forced to do something, ghost stories, Maths class.

Hobbies: Card games and board games, as well as puzzles.

Dreams for the future: To become a police officer.


Masoto (Father)

Mitsuka (Mother)

Diseases or Disorders: None.

Story: During the events of "The Bloodied Past", which happens before the time of Blood Covered, Keiji is dragged into Heavenly Host alongside the four other members of his class (Metsuki, Saka, Luka and Matuo) upon Matuo having the group use the Sachiko Ever After charm as a memorial to his recently-killed friend. Keiji wakes up to find himself alongside Luka in one closed space of the cursed school. Due to his dislikes for ghost stories, Keiji is very quickly affected by the ghastly surroundings of the school and is only remaining sane thanks to Luka's help.

Both Keiji and Luka awake in Classroom 1-A, approxiamately an hour behind Matuo and Saka though the group would not have been able to make contact anyway due to being in separate spaces. Only a few minutes later, after discovering a cursed note and a key to the school's infirmary he is immediately being afflicted by the Darkening which at one point almost prompts him to kill Luka, though he is stopped in doing so by a sudden earthquake.

-No more for the time being-

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