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    Writing Practice

    December 18, 2013 by Desátník Pansy

    Stealing this idea from Chaos (go check out his stuff if you haven't already, they're quite good). Basically, I'll edit this to write short stories that I don't feel need to go up on my DevArt (that and the people on DevArt are an insanely toxic community, I tend to notice). Each part will go under it's own little heading, of course, to separate "this" from "that". Of  course, I don't mind if any of you comment on them; though it might be nice to have some feedback. 


    It had all seemed to happen in just a flash, a "poof". I remember waking up like any normal day. In fact, it was so normal, the doctors' daily report had been laid at the foot of the bed like every day before. But it was all different.. silent. I crawled out of my bed, a…

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    Votes are no longer being taken.

    REMINDER: This is simply a suggestion, and while to an extent has been thought over by myself, Chaosraven and Talmire; it has not yet been implemented, and won't be for some time. The point of this blog post is to give your opinions on the idea; we don't want to implement something such as this without prior consent from members of the wiki.

    So, basically, with the possibility of another sudden influx of "new users" to the chat (some users may indeed simply have not used the chat up until that point, which is understandable), the ideas of "Rules of the Chat" came up. Myself, Chaos and Talmire have discussed the idea of simple rules that aren't too strict but mean that people should know what they can and can'…

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    January 31, 2013 by Desátník Pansy

    So fun little story; today was someone's birthday at my school. End of story.

    That got me thinking though. My birthday is only 2 months and 19 Days (April 19th) from today, and I can probably assume other wiki members' birthdays are in between or after (obviously they have to be at some point >:L).

    My suggestion; when the time comes around, we can celebrate someone's birthday not just as a wiki but as a group of friends or something.

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    Google+ Hangout

    December 16, 2012 by Desátník Pansy

    So, kinda a short post to make. Some day in the previous week (the exact date escapes me), Sahil kinda suggested the idea of using a Google+ Hangout to both vid-call other members of the wiki. First vid call was just me and him, and lasted from anyway below the timespan of an hour (school night). Second one, which happened last night, lasted almost 12 hours before we finally ended it (for Chaos' first time on webcam, 12 hours is a damn long time).

    The matter of this subject; if you have a Google+ account (or a YouTube account actually. Google+ just needs you to sign in using your YouTube account's email and password) you can probably add people on the wiki and we'll probably do another one of these sometime. 

    'Members' on G+ Usernames

    xSeiko: …

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    This is not an official topic for the Roleplay, this is just for discussion. If you wish to ask to participate in the Roleplay, ask myself or Chaosraven on this page or in the chat if we are there. Otherwise, use this to post ideas and opinions about it and discuss anything else.

    If you wish to read the Roleplay details, follow this link:

    Current members participating:






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