Day 1

(theres only going to be two days, maybe three)

I showed my friends corpse party book of shadows and let them finish the game and they were in love with it. Since they are spending the night at my house one of them suggested we try the charm. I said that was a stupid idea since its fake but it sounded like fun so we are going to do it tonight. WOO ill tell you the results after :D.

Day 1.5

Alright that was really creepy of course it didn't work but there was an acual earthquake right after we did the charm. Haha we were screaming really loud woke my parents up, so now we are scarred for life it seems like haha. One of my friends said he wants to try it again but at his house tomorow so once again it won't work but its going to be fun :D.

Day 2

Ok i kinda think my friends went alittle overboard when i got to his house i saw they had camera's, notepads, backpacks full of water and food, and a knife. One of them brought the doll and once again we tried it but of course it didn't work. Haha they were so angry because they got all prepared my friends are wierd and gullible :D.

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