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  • Chaosraven

    So It seems like your time has run out?
    alas when you get attacked, your time always depletes faster...

    I sit here upon the rotting chair, writing these notes ,upon clean paper on a rotting desk in hopes anyone will read them and understand their full meaning.....I just hope this pen has enough ink for the job.

    The wikia herself was once kind to me.....just a caring mother my job was to protect her in her hardships and its a job i did well, i protected the community. A community free from harassment and bullying was the goal, it was kept until certain events kicked off those....i'll explain more later...

    When i joined back in 2012 the wiki was still under construction and i did my part to help assist in item page construction and just pointing…

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  • Chaosraven

    Halloween RP

    October 23, 2014 by Chaosraven

    Hello ladies, gentlemen, and you other bunch.

    As the title suggests on the 31st probaly somepoint in the evening (i would imagine around 5/6PM GMT) we shall try and do an RP for the Occassion....(Provided that the chat system hasn't decided to fuck up on us again.)

    If there is an issue with avalibility due to time zone issues please inform kitty Sakurai so a set time can be defined.

    The Main planning for the event is being handled By Admin Kitty Sakurai and as a result here are the primary set of rules she has come up with for the RP.

    1: You can have powers or whatever, as long as they aren't deemed Godmod (which is where nothing can beat it)

    2: You can't kill other characters.

    3: Don't e-chat

    4: If you don't want to take part in the role play bu…

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  • Chaosraven

    Ladies, Gentleman and the rest of you on the CP wiki.

    It has come to my attention that with Blood drives upcoming release in the east that things are going to become very noisy and or hectic around these parts.

    However considering the aftermath of the tortured souls fiasco, where people were actively spoiling tortured souls and using the page as a reaction site, It seems that measures need to be taken to avoid a similar situation.

    So without further delay....

    This rule is being enforced for three reasons:

    1. As far as i can tell everyone here needs to learn the art of patience. I mean if we could wait 11 years for duke nukem forever then we can wait the 1 and a half/2 years for the european release of blood drive.
    2. A lot of users on the wiki do not …

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  • Chaosraven

    Alright this is something i have been planning for quite some time and in case anyone was wondering why its been so long since i wrote any more scenes let me give you a blanked statement:

    Been suffering an extreme lack of motivation coupled with the misfortunes of real life causing writers block to set in once again.

    This bonus scene will be different to the other scenes i have written as it will be 6 parts long and of course based on corpse party, part 1 should be around the corner so to say , but i shall update when i can....keep an eye out.

    Part 1

    It was only a simple charm.......A charm that was meant to keep us together.....

    That thought lingered in my mind as I ran down the decaying, twisting hallways as the wood floors creeked under my f…

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  • Chaosraven

    Writing practice

    January 8, 2013 by Chaosraven

    Been a while since i made a blog lets see if i still got it....

    Seeing as i have gotten over my writers block and now have free time at my disposal i need to get back into practice at writing.

    The following blog will be used to practice writing a variety of scenes all unconnected with each other of course....

    Any feedback or pointers are welcome but will not accept harsh language from anyone.......

    The first scene will be written soon so keep an eye out.

    Scene 001

    The atmosphere inside the Science Lab was thick with malevolence as it brought the ambient temperature of the room lower than normal. Jake's mobile light couldn't penetrate the darkness very well and as such raised several alarms within him, fear and panic being the main one…

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