Thanks Davidclous for translated this for me.

Nobita is 6E class elementary school students Nerima (練馬 区 の 小学校). In Nerima not have any secondary schools next year, he and his friends will have to learn in other provinces. Today is his last class at the school. He decided to organize a class-curricular lessons in the garden behind the school. Under the peach tree, they play together happily. Soon, it was on the way. Everyone regrets at together by perhaps later they'll never get the chance to play as it is now. Everyone feels sad, they try to linger to be with his friends one more time.

At home, she nobi a little worried when her son is not on, knowing this is the last lesson to his son wanted to linger with you, but she still worried incredible. Her eyelids continuous shock, her incredible hangover. She seemed to feel about what is wrong with her son. She immediately called Doraemon rush down and asked him to look after Nobita, just as it also helped her feel comfortable part. Doraemon obey his mother, the user "spiral bamboos" (ヘリトンボ) and its flight on the hill after school.

Towards Nobita, he is at the bottom of the hill, his friends are almost all, leaving only the best friend to you is: Shizuka, Suneo, Jaian, Dekisugi (?). Nobita standing out side a tree watching the sun set with friends. He spotted someone standing nearby and also looked towards the sunset. He walked her to talk to her. She looks older than Nobita few and uniform school girls 2, on top of hairpin stars. She talk with Nobita time, after hearing his wish. She handed him a paper and guide you perform a ritual to be with his friends forever. She has definitely said they have hours called Nobita put up. He turned back and saw Doraemon from afar. Turned back, did not see the girl, just the paper in his hand ...

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