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Akira Kasahara


Yuki Nakano

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"☆Twinkle☆Girls☆" is the insert song used in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows performed by ☆Twinkle☆Girls☆.

Aside from being heard on ☆Twinkle☆Girls☆' live performance shows, this song can only be heard in the game, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. A remix version of this song can be heard on the album, "☆Twinkle☆Girls☆ NEW ALBUM" (☆Twinkle☆Girls☆ NEWアルバム ☆Twinkle☆Girls☆ NEW ARUBAMU?), by ☆Twinkle☆Girls☆.

Corpse Party Book of Shadows OST - 69 Twinkle girls01:46

Corpse Party Book of Shadows OST - 69 Twinkle girls

"☆Twinkle☆Girls☆ (Full Version)"


Japanese Romanization English Translation




思い描いていた my dream


この一瞬に懸ける思 That's my style

Step by Step!

Twinkle 願こめて



Twinkle 勇気だして


明日へ Let's go

Kimi ga kureru egao to yūki wa

Itsumo mune no nagai aru

Tenjo tengo yubisaki negazotte

Omoiegaiteita my dream

Dareka no tame ganbaru koto

Kono isshun ni kakeru omoi That's my style

Step by Step!

TWINKLE negai komete

Ima todokeru kara

Koe o kikasete

TWINKLE yūki dashite

Ippon fumidasou yo

Ashita e Let's go

The smiling faces and the courage I receive from you

Become a source of strength for me

Let's make a pinky-swear on it, for all time

I've been envisioning it... My dream!

To do one's best for the sake of someone else...

The feelings I have at this singular moment... That's my style!

Step by Step!

Twinkle! Gather all your wishes!

Because I'm going to send them off now!

Let me hear your voice!

Twinkle! Have courage!

Let's take that first step.

Let's go... toward tomorrow!

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