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Corpse Party: Blood Drive Details

Various places in Heavenly Host Elementary School


Exorcise dark and malicious spirits

A Talisman (護符 gofū?) is an item that appears in Corpse Party: Blood Drive. It is a spiritual object that can fend off dark spirits within Heavenly Host Elementary School only once before disappearing.

Plot Edit

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Edit

Talismans are spread across Heavenly Host, which can be seen as a shining small objects for players to pick up. Within the wall of Heavenly Host, malicious entities may chase down and attack the players. If one of these entities touch the players, players' Hit Points (HP) will be lower and the "Darkening" will increase.

Possessing the talisman will banish this entity. Players don't have to open their inventory to use the talisman; it will be automatically used if a ghost is about to touch them. Each spirit subdued will cost players a talisman, so they have to keep a close eye on their stock.

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Blood Drive follow

CHAPTER 08『 Ties Severed, Ties Mended 』 Edit

According to Misuto Kiriya, Ayumi Shinozaki (and all playable characters) have been part of his plan to purge the world without them realizing. The black shadow figures that they have been exorcising in Heavenly Host are the spirits of formerly live human beings from the real world. Because the real world and the Nirvana have begun fusing together, human souls have been stumbling halfway through the cracks and appearing in Heavenly Host as black shadows. Each time players "kill" one of these figures, the other half of the soul dies with it. That person's body is snapped in half in the real world, dying instantly and mysteriously. Misuto accuses Ayumi to be a murderer and leaves her to reflect upon what she did.

Significant plot details end here.
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