Spiritual Surgery (心霊手術 shinrei shujutsu?) is an experiment conducted by Martuba's Tomb.

Patients Edit

The people below were confirmed to have spiritual surgery done on them.

Results Edit

Corpse Party CEMETERY0 ~Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi~ Edit

Naho Saenoki Edit

The surgery, performed by Magari Mizuki, restored Naho's body after Magari purposely kicked Naho and a swinging giant axe cut open her abdomen, which result in massive blood loss and scattered organs.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Edit

Satsuki Mizuhara Edit

The surgery enables Satsuki to assume a "monster form". In this form, Satsuki splits her head into eight equal parts, revealing a giant mouth with rows of sharp teeth and jaws strong enough to tear apart and devour one's head within seconds. The surgery did not only affect her physique, but also affected her personality. Satsuki inherited the personality of Harue.

The "monster form" of Satsuki Mizuhara is sealed and controlled by Magari Mizuki with Synapse. When the control breaks by other means, Satsuki will go berserk and devour anyone within her line of sight, unable to suppress her appetite.