If you lack any self confidence, feel free to take some from the brilliant aura emanating from my style!

—Seira Sido, Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient

Seira Sido
Seira Shido Profile CoPa2

氏度 聖羅
(しど せいら)


Shido Seira


The Artist (アーティスト)






Fashion Designer

Voices & Actors


Drama CD VA

Tomokazu Sugita

Seira Shido (氏度 聖羅 Shido Seira?), stylized as Seira Sido, is a fashion designer and a character that appears in the Corpse Party 2: DEAD PATIENT Drama CD and will appear in Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient.


Seira is an adult man. He has prussian blue hair and blue eyes. He wears a white t-shirt, a cerulean blue leather jacket, white pants, a black belt, a white wristwatch, and fallow brown boots.


Seira is a 28 year old fashion designer who makes his debut in Chapter 2. He is a young and upcoming clothing designer who just recently launched his own brand. Inexplicably, Seira refuses to refer to himself by his real name, instead opting to call himself "The Artist."


Corpse Party 2 DEAD PATIENT Drama CD

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party 2: DEAD PATIENT Drama CD follow

Seira makes his debut appearance in the drama CD, which starts him off meeting up with Ayame Itou and Masato Hiyami after the floor below him broke. He introduces himself and soon after the floor breaks again, taking Masato and him away from Ayame.

He later reappears with Masato. Masato opens up a box with biohazard sigh written on it, despite Seira telling him not to, only to find erotic magazines inside, Seira then sexually harrasses Masato, asking him which of the girls inside the magazines looks most like the girl he likes. Masato starts running away from Seira.

Seira then reappears throwing Masato in the way of a sharpened branch that fired into Ayame, saving her and surprisingly not injuring Masato. Masato then, using Seira's instructions starts acting creepy towards Ayame and Chiyomi, which earns him being called a pervert by Ayame. After Masato says that he was going by what Seira told him, Seira plays as if he doesn't know anything.

Significant plot details end here.


  • Seira's name was initially erroneously rendered as Seira Shidō (士道 聖羅 Shidō Seira?) when Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Drama CD was announced.
  • Seira is the only teased character that doesn't make an appearance in Chapter 1 of Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient.
  • Seira's Drama CD voice actor Tomokazu Sugita is the same voice actor for Yuuya Kizami.


Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient


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