Nice to meetcha, you must be Yukes' big brother! I'm Satsuki Mizuhara, C cup!

—Satsuki Mizuhara, Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko no Ren'ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U (#4; Crying Out Love, In the Center of Heavenly Host?)

Satsuki Mizuhara

水原 さつき
(みずはら さつき)


Mizuhara Satsuki


Satskin (さつきぬ Satsukinu)
Monster (化け物 Bakemono)






143cm / 4'8"


36.5kg / 80.5 lb

Birth Date

June 10 (Gemini)

Blood Type

B type

Bust Size

C cup


Kisaragi Academy Junior High School


Junior High School Student
Member of Martuba's Tomb


8th Grade






Combination of Satsuki Nekoma and Harue Mizuhara


Potato chips and shōjo manga.


Cockroaches and insects.


Collecting and sharing shōjo manga with Yuka.


Father and mother (recently passed away).

Voices & Actors
PSP and/or iOS VA

Yumi Hara

Vita VA

Yumi Hara

Satsuki Mizuhara (水原 さつき Mizuhara Satsuki?), formerly Satsuki Nekoma (根駒 さつき Nekoma Satsuki?), is a student from Kisaragi Academy Junior High School's classroom 2-3, a survivor of Heavenly Host Elementary School, and one of the characters introduced in Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko no Ren'ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U.


Satsuki is a teenage girl of below average height and weight. She has short brown hair with longer bangs at the front and green eyes. Just like the other students of Kisaragi Academy Junior High, Satsuki wears a blue smock with a white collar flap and a small pink bow attached, knee-high white socks and white shoes with yellow soles. She also customized her uniform to have a pink bunny with crossbones on the left side of the dress. Several pockets are presumably sewn under her skirt, in which she carries several of her favorite potato chips packets.


Satsuki is Yuka Mochida's classmate and best friend. She is an airhead who doesn't seem the least bit fazed when she arrived at Heavenly Host Elementary School. She always carries around a bag of potato chips. Satsuki is much more cheerful than Yuka and a little perverted like Seiko Shinohara. She also enjoys teasing Yuka, and calls her "Yukes" (ゆかち Yuka-chi?).


Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Blood Drive follow

Satsuki Mizuhara is the result of Spiritual Surgery, a transformation experiment conducted by Martuba's Tomb by combining two individuals: Satsuki Nekoma and her friend, Harue Mizuhara. The surgery enables her to assume a "monster form," which is sealed and controlled by Magari Mizuki with Synapse. When the control breaks by other means, Satsuki will go berserk and devour anyone within her line of sight, unable to suppress her appetite.

In her "monster form," Satsuki splits her head into eight equal parts, revealing a giant mouth with rows of sharp teeth and jaws strong enough to tear apart and devour one's head within seconds. This ability mirrors Harue's physical condition - shattered, split open jaws after having a car accident.

The surgery did not only affect her physique, but also affected her personality. Satsuki inherited the personality of her friend, Harue.

As Satsuki Nekoma, she was an introverted and a passive child. She mistook being beaten by a frying pan as a form of love from her parents since they never really cared about her, devoting their lives as members of Martuba's Tomb. She also loves potato chips, which are abundant in her house and eating them made her mother a little bit happier.

Harue Mizuhara was the total opposite of Satsuki. She is cheerful and outgoing, trying to cheer Satsuki up. She's also shown to have a somewhat perverted side, with her commenting Satsuki to flaunt her "assets" more so she looks more attractive to boys their age.

Satsuki is tasked by Magari to watch over Yuka, who has acquired immense spiritual energy after opening up to Sachiko Shinozaki, on top of acquiring survivor aura after she returned from Heavenly Host Elementary School.

Significant plot details end here.



  • Satsuki was originally going to be a main character in Corpse Party 2: Satsuki's Heart; she was written as being a daydreamer and best friend of Yuka. However, since that game was eventually abandoned, Satsuki was never seen again until Corpse Party 2U.
  • One of the extra chapters in Corpse Party: Blood Drive is titled "Satsuki's Heart", a tribute to the canceled supposed-sequel of the original CORPSE-PARTY for PC-98.
  • Satsuki ended up inside Heavenly Host, like Haruyuki Inumaru and Aiko Niwa, because of her relationship with the other characters who ended up in the school.
  • She is often seen with a bag of potato chips. It is revealed in Corpse Party: Sachiko no Ren'ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U manga that the bag, in fact, is empty. It is assumed that she just keeps munching thin air after finishing the content of the bag.
  • Her real surname, Nekoma, means "source piece" or a "pawn" in Shogi (Japanese chess). In the English version, her name is translated as "Satsuki. My pawn." as if Magari addressed Satsuki as her pawn. The surname itself is rarely heard and used.
  • Satsuki's "monster form" might be inspired by another series, Parasyte.



Title Design Chapters
Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko no Ren'ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U
(PlayStation Portable)
#0; Hysteric Birthday!,
#1; The Shame on The River Kwai,
#3; My Greatest Feeling! Trans-Abandoned Bomb Shelter Ultra Quiz,
#4; Crying Out Love, In the Center of Heavenly Host?,
#6; Aluminum Chef,
#7; Repentant Reals Go to Hell,
#8; Today's the Day, Farewell
Corpse Party: Blood Drive
(PlayStation Vita)
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CHAPTER 05 『 Breakdown 』,
CHAPTER 06 『 Book of Shadows 』,
CHAPTER 08 『 Ties Severed, Ties Mended 』,
CHAPTER 10 『 Reparations 』,
EX CHAPTER 07 『 Satsuki's Heart 』
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Corpse Party: Sachiko no Ren'ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U
Vol.1, Vol.2
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