You've been polluting the air with your noise for a while now... your all-knowing, manner of speech has become rather irritating.

—Ryuji Shimazaki, Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient

Ryuji Shimazaki
Ryuji Shimazami Profile CoPa2

島崎 竜司
(しまざき りゅうじ)


Shimazaki Ryūji


Zakiyama (ザキヤマ Zakiyama)






Minazuki Academy High School


High School Student





Ryuji Shimazaki (島崎 竜司 Shimazaki Ryūji?) is a student of Minazuki Academy High School's class 1-5, and is a major character introduced in Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient.


Ryuji is a teenage boy. He has spiky short teal hair with one of the spikes going across his face and pale purple eyes. He wears Minazuki Academy High School boy's uniform - a black shirt, a maroon vest, a plaid lavender tie, a white blazer, black pants, and khaki shoes. He also wears rimless glasses.


Ryuji wishes to become an actor in the special effects association. Though he likes to wear superhero suits and head wears, Ryuji is actually extremely serious. He demands so much from himself and requires the same from others; Ryuji is especially tough on his classmates. Despite this, Ryuji is not a bad guy overall. He had some interaction with the theater club at Kisaragi Academy, and through this he has met Sakutaro Morishige and hit it off with him. Sakutaro is one of the few people whom he considers a friend. He is Curara Teshimizu's childhood friend.


Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient and it's drama CD follow

Chapter 1

Ryuji is found hiding inside a locker alongside Curara from a monster inside the operating room. When Ayame and Ritsuko enters the room, the monsters starts to attack Ayame and Ryuji runs out with a broom in hand to attack the monster from behind. However, the monster swats at Ryuji, sending him flying towards the locker, knocking him out. After Ayame incapacitates the monster Ryuji comes back to his senses and helps to tie up the monster. Ryuji and Curara joins them as they try to escape from the hospital. As they enter the entrance they are met with many SWAT solders. One of them hits Curara in the head with a gas bomb, knocking her out. Ryuji runs to help her, meeting the same fate.

Corpse Party 2 DEAD PATIENT Drama CD

While not appearing in voice in the Drama CD, he is mentioned to be locked up in the gas chamber with Curara and Tomohisa and if Ayame, Chiyomi and Ritsuko don't participate in Masami's treasure hunt, they will be killed.

Significant plot details end here.


  • In Corpse Party 2 DEAD PATIENT Drama CD Masami tells the group that at the end of the Drama CD (He mentions the whole deal being a Drama CD) that it will be a wrong end, possibly hinting at the deaths of his prisoners.


Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient


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