Pauper, vos intellegere potest? Sociam quippe erat in flamma infernalis? Sunt omnia viscera ejus configatur?

—- Queen, Corpse Party: Blood Drive (CHAPTER 10 『 Reparations 』)






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The will / core of the Nirvana



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Queen (クィーン Kuīn?) is a character introduced in Corpse Party: Blood Drive.

She is the core of the Nirvana, also known as the Witch Queen. She was the leader of the European witches who were killed during the witch hunts in the middle ages.

She had been sleeping within the codex of the witches' wisdom, the Book of Shadows, but was awoken when Yoshie Shinozaki cast the Land of Corpses spell, forging her into the core of the Nirvana.

Sachiko Shinozaki, having an immense spiritual power, consumed the Nirvana and sealed it within her body. Unfortunately, she was then murdered by Principal Takamine Yanagihori, which freed it from her body and gave the Witch Queen life once more.

Design Edit

Queen looks similar to a young girl, with curly white hair, pale skin, no eyebrows, and blood covering the ends of each fingertip. Her most prominent feature is her bright cyan eyes. She is also extremely skinny, with a ribcage that is very prominent. When she is appeased, her skin appears tighter and is visibly rotting in places. Her eyes are far less bright and more human-like, and her lips seem to disappear, showing off her teeth.

Personality Edit

Queen is a being who existed beyond all human knowledge. Feeling hatred and grudge on people who murdered her, she wishes to inflict pain to others just like how she was treated. Only when someone is willing to share the pain that she experienced will she listen to them.

Plot Edit

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Edit

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Blood Drive follow

CHAPTER 10 『 Reparations 』Edit

As Ayumi Shinozaki speeds towards the Nirvana's core, the queen becomes visible, glowing with blue light. The runic letters on Ayumi's arms and thighs began spurting blood, most likely due to Queen's actions. Ayumi has to engage in a battle with the Queen. Ayumi has to give correct responses to Queen's messages; all are ciphered in Futhark runes.

Final Battle
Meaning Futhark
ᛋᛚᚨᚢᚷᚺᛏᛖᚱ Slaughter ᚱᛖᛒᚢᚲᛖ Rebuke
ᛞᛖᛈᛚᛟᚱᛖ Deplore ᚺᚢᚷ Hug
ᛋᚲᛖᚹᛖᚱ Skewer ᚷᚢᚨᚱᛞ Guard
ᚺᚨᛏᛖ Hate ᚱᛖᚨᛋᛟᚾ Reason
ᛈᛖᛖᚱ Peer ᛋᛗᛁᛚᛖ Smile

After Ayumi battles Queen, they both appear in a cloudy forest. Ayumi asks whether she is the will of the Nirvana, to which Queen replies in Latin. She stands up and begins slowly walking to Ayumi, but suddenly she appeared crucified, with a stake coming out of her mouth. Behind this apparition, Ayumi sees a girl identical to the Queen, hanging from a tree while on fire. Other figures appear, talking also in Latin while condemning the Queen as she burns. Ayumi looks back to the girl in front of her, who is now burned beyond recognition. The burned Queen began to choke Ayumi. However, Ayumi hugs Queen, and the choking stops. Ayumi explains to her about Sachiko, and how the two are alike. Queen began stroking Ayumi's cheek, but then jabs her finger into Ayumi's eye socket. Queen slowly dug out Ayumi's right eye, and then crushed it in her hand. Soon after, Queen embraces and kisses Ayumi and mumbles in Latin. 

This appears to appease her, as the Book of Shadows seems to have contained the Nirvana.

Significant plot details end here.

Differences Between Japanese and English Version Edit

In the Japanese version, Queen's dialogues were crudely translated from Japanese to Latin, hence they contain grammatical mistakes and incorrect word choices. The English version fixed these, however, it does not convey the intended meaning. In Corpse Party: BLOOD DRIVE Series Complete Fanbook, Japanese transcription of Queen's dialogues are provided.

Transcripts Edit

(Japanese Version)
(English Version)
Japanese Japanese

pauperes, Intellé ctus potest ?

Pauper, vos intellegere potest?


uketomerareru ka        

Experientia gehé nnam succendit eam ?

Sociam quippe erat in flamma infernalis?


gōka ni yakareta koto wa aru ka

Veru organum esse skewered ?

Sunt omnia viscera ejus configatur?


naizō o kushizashi ni sareta koto wa aru ka





English Translation Edit

English Translation

(from Latin - Japanese version, corrected)

English Translation

(from Latin - English version)

English Translation

(from Japanese)

The poor, can you understand me?

The poor, can you understand me?

Can you take it?

Have you ever been set on fire of Gehenna?

Was there someone to keep me company in these infernal flames?

Have you ever been burned in the karmic fire of hell?

Have you had your organs skewered?

Have you had all your organs impaled?

Have you had your organs skewered?

I'm lonely...

I'm lonely...

I'm lonely...

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