For the principal of Heavenly Host Elementary School, see Takamine Yanagihori.
How about you play some dress up with ojii-chan...? I bought you lots of nice western style clothes...

—Principal, Corpseparty; Musume 2 (#09)

Principal Profile MusumeManga

校長 (こうちょう)







Cause of Death

Head destroyed by Sachiko.


Yuika (Granddaughter)

The Principal (校長 Kōchō?) is the principal of Kisaragi Academy Girls' School from Corpseparty; Musume.


The Principal is an old man with white slicked back hair and dark-colored eyes. He is wearing a single-breasted business suit with a black clerical shirt with a detachable white collar. His pants are rolled up, and he is also wearing black oxford shoes.


The Principal is a man who deeply cares about the appearance of his school, even going as far as to help out a fellow faculty member by burying Sachiko Shinozaki's corpse.

Whenever his granddaughter Yuika comes to visit, he will play games with her, such as playing hide-and-seek. The principal also seems to lavish his granddaughter by buying her lots of gifts such as clothing for her to play dress up in.


Corpseparty; Musume

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpseparty; Musume follow


The principal is first seen being mutilated by Sachiko. Satoshi tells her to stop it, but she then mocks him. After that, the principal is seen making advances towards Yuka, but is stopped after the Mochida siblings walked out from the room.


After Sachiko fell to her death and her teacher was trying to conceal her corpse, the teacher was then discovered by the principal. Since the principal wanted to maintain the good name of his school, he helped the teacher by burying her body in the basement of the school.

It is later shown that the Principal also sexually abuses his own granddaughter, Yuika, whenever she comes over to visit him under the guise of playing games. One day when his granddaughter came over to visit, the Principal visited his office and noticed the lights are off. Then he hears his granddaughter suggesting that they play hide-and-seek with him being "it."

After the Principal catches Yuika, he later realizes that his granddaughter is actually Sachiko pretending to be her, and he demands to see his granddaughter. Sachiko then displays the corpse of Yuika who has a large stick protruding from her left eye. Sachiko kills the principal and vows to kill every last member of his family as revenge.


It is revealed that the principal and the teacher were desecrating Sachiko's corpse for a long time.

Significant plot details end here.


  • The principal also appears in CORPSE-PARTY as a red flame that keeps getting killed by Sachiko, this was mimicked in #8 of Musume.
  • The principal is one of the few characters that do not have their full names (or the whole name in this case) revealed.
  • Despite being one of the victims trapped inside Kisaragi Academy Girls' School, the principal is not shown in the class picture found by Yoshiki Kishinuma and Ayumi Shinozaki.


Corpseparty; Musume


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