Pillars of the Six Demons
Pillar of justicePillar of honor

Pillar of mercyBase pillar




Roku Kimon no Hashira

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Details

Justice - Walkway
Honor - Art room
Victory - Gymansium
Mercy - Pool
Base - Staff room
Crown - Bell Tower

Pillars of the Six Demons (六鬼門の柱 Roku Kimon no Hashira?, lit. Pillars of the Six Demonic Directions or Pillars of the Six Weaknesses) are pillars that serve as both part of the sealing and control mechanism of the Nirvana. Each one is held by a guardian of some sort, and can apparently only be removed from them safely by a descendant of Shinozaki family. However, removal of the pillars from the guardians turns them into Crystals of the Six Demons (六鬼門結晶 Roku Kimon Kesshō?, lit. Crystals of the Six Demonic Directions or Crystals of the Six Weaknesses) and also serves to aggravate the Nirvana making it more likely to waken.

They reside in the North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, and South direction of Heavenly Host Elementary School.  

When all six pillars (also collectively called as "sephira") have been gathered, they turn into a round crystal with black sheen called Kabbalah Dogra (涅槃の結晶 (カバラ=ドグラ) Nehan no Kesshō (Kabara Dogura)?, lit. Crystal of Nirvana (Kabbalah Dogra)).  

There are seven pillars / crystals / sephira in total, with the last one appear after other six have been gathered.  

  1. Sephirot of Justice (正義 Seigi) - A pink crystal found in the clearing by the covered walkway in the South.
  2. Sephirot of Honor (光栄 Kōei) - An amber crystal found in the 2nd floor Art room in the South West.
  3. Sephirot of Victory (勝利 Shōri) - A green crystal found in the gymnasium in the North West.
  4. Sephirot of Mercy (慈悲 Jihi) - A navy blue crystal found at the bottom of the pool in the South East.
  5. Sephirot of Base (基礎 Kiso) - A purple crystal found inside the 1st floor staff room of the annex in the North East.
  6. Sephirot of Crown (王冠 Ōkan) - A white crystal found at the top of the bell tower in the North.
  7. Sephirot of Knowledge (知識 Chishiki) - A pillar of light at the bell tower.  

Trivia Edit

  • Kimon (鬼門, lit. Demon Gates) traditionally means Northeast direction, and is superstitiously believed to be the direction where demons go in and out, hence it's strongly advised to avoid it. This direction is believed to be unlucky and people who believe in this superstition usually avoid their houses or offices to face northeast. It can also mean weaknesses, as in something a person is not good at (e.g. math, cooking, etc).
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Items in Corpse Party: Blood Drive
Do note that not all items appear in players inventory, some are only seen during cutscenes.
CHAPTER 00 10 yen Gum ENG BD 10 yen Gum JPN BD 10-yen GumSachi'sTeeth BD Baby TeethBatteries BD BatteriesBird Corpse BD Bird CorpsePork Cutlet on Rice with Egg BD Pork Cutlet
Sachiko Ever After BD Sachiko Ever AfterLunchbox ENG BD Lunchbox JPN BD Satoshi's Lunchbox
CHAPTER 01 Argus Cude BD Argus CubeBandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesEver After Stones 01 BD Everafter StonesLoose Board
Photo of Sayaka
CHAPTER 02 Bandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesCursed FlyerEverafter StonesLoose Board
Glass Ball BD MarbleTalisman
CHAPTER 03 Alcohol LampBandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesClassroom KeyLab KeyMatches
Strawberry Milk Bun BD Strawberry Milk BunTalismanWalkway Key
CHAPTER 04 Alcohol LampBandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesBird Corpse BD Bird CorpseCrowbar
Gym Key"Honor""Justice"Loose BoardMatches"Mercy"
Music Room KeyPump Room KeySteel AxeStrawberry Milk Bun BD Strawberry Milk Bun
CHAPTER 05 Bandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesEverafter StonesTalisman
CHAPTER 06 Argus Cude BD Argus CubeBandages BD BandageBatteries BD Batteries"Base"Grimoire
"Crown"Staircase KeyTalisman
CHAPTER 07 Calavera Necklace BD Calavera Necklace
CHAPTER 08 Bandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesEverafter StonesGrimoireTalisman
CHAPTER 09 Bandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesBook of ShadowsDark CrystalDen Key
Light CrystalNaho's HairpinSharp RockSteel AxeTalisman
CHAPTER 10 Futhark Document 01 BD Futhark Document 1Futhark Document 02 BD Futhark Document 2Futhark Document 03 BD Futhark Document 3
Futhark Document 04 BD Futhark Document 4Futhark Document 05 BD Futhark Document 5Glass Ball BD Glass BallTiny Key BD Tiny Key

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