We had to continue struggling against our fate, calling out into the darkness with whatever voices we had left... ...for as long as we lived...

—Nana Ogasawara, Corpse Party (ExChap 1)

Nana Ogasawara

小笠原 奈那
(おがさわら なな)


Ogasawara Nana


14 (BC/2U)
13 (BR/BS)




160cm / 5'3"


49.0kg / 108 lb

Birth Date

July 1 (Cancer)

Blood Type

A type

Bust Size

B cup


Musashigawa Girls' Middle School


Junior High School Student


7th Grade





Cause of Death

Tongue removed; went into shock and died. Head removed after.


Landscape ornaments featuring a shiba inu.


Snakes, worms, and centipedes.


Making bead accessories.

Future Dream

Looking into it.


Younger Brother

Voices & Actors
PSP and/or iOS VA

Hiromi Igarashi

Nana Ogasawara (小笠原 奈那 Ogasawara Nana?) is a student from Musashigawa Girls' Middle School's class I-4, and a victim trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School, and a character introduced in Corpse Party (PC).


Nana is a young teenage girl of above average height and below average weight. She has blue eyes and short light-brown hair on which she holds a white bow. She wears the Musashigawa Girls' Middle School uniform, which consists of a beige skirt and jacket with a white shirt underneath, as well as a blue tie, black shoes and white crew high socks.


Nana is an optimistic young girl with more diplomatic qualities than her classmates that accompany her in Heavenly Host. She befriends and later helps a ghost, despite him scaring her classmates, who only come to trust the spirit when Nana assures them he is a friend. She is afraid of her friends splitting up and attempts to reason with Nari Amatoya and Chihaya Yamase when the two fight, though she's unable to side with either of them, leading to the three going their separate ways. She also gets along well with Mayu Suzumoto, as they both participate in their schools' theater clubs and even talks with her about Sakutaro Morishige.



  • Nana and her friends appeared in the Corpse Party: Blood Covered manga as a one time character, only being shown once in the background and never appearing again.
  • It is shown that Nana might have had a type of connection to Yoshiki while together as Mayu playfully teases her as she asks about him and his relationship with Ayumi.
  • In Corpse Party Blood Drive, Nana is not seen or not even mentioned. She shares this trait with Nari and Chihaya.
  • In Corpse Party Book of Shadows, when Nana gets her tongue removed, a CG is shown but the CG has a mistake in which Nana was drawn with two bows, one on each side, when she only wears one bow.



Title Design Chapters
Corpse Party
Nana103 Chapter 5 (Corpse), ExChap 1
Corpse Party
(PlayStation Portable, iOS)
Nana102 CHAPTER 5 (Corpse), EXCHAP 1
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
(PlayStation Portable, iOS)
Nana102 Episode #2, Episode #4
Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko no Ren'ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U
(PlayStation Portable)
Nana102 Chapter #0, Chapter #1, Chapter #8
Corpse Party
(Nintendo 3DS)
Nana102 Chapter 5 (Corpse), ExChap 1, Exchap 11
Title Design Volumes/Chapters
Corpse Party: Blood Covered
Volume 8
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
Nana101 Chapter 3, Chapter 11, Chapter 12
Corpse Party: Sachiko no Ren'ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U
Nana100 Chapter #4
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