Naho's Hairpin
Naho's Hairpin
Corpse Party: Blood Drive Details

With Magari Mizuki

Naho's Hairpin is a minor item introduced in Corpse Party: Blood Drive. It is a pentagram hairpin that Magari took from Naho Saenoki's corpse. Naho's soul dwells within it.

Plot Edit

Corpse Party Edit

Chapter 5 Edit

While the hairpin itself does not appear as a physical item, its design may have influenced the "pentagrams" that are scattered on the ground that the player can step on and switch to another party of characters (Ex: If you step on it while playing as Satoshi, Naomi, and Yuka you switch to Yoshiki and Ayumi) as they look nearly identical.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Edit

CHAPTER 9 『 Imperator 』 Edit

Magari Mizuki appears to give Ayumi Shinozaki and Aiko Niwa the Book of Shadows but not before antagonizing her. She gives the hairpin to an overjoyed Aiko, who tries to listen to the item. She then collapses to her knees and sobs uncontrollably.

Trivia Edit

  • Aiko does try to make contact with Naho right away once she get the hairpin but the game makes it unclear if she actually succeeded or not. The only clue we get is in the description.
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