Musashigawa Girls' School consists of two institutions: Musashigawa Girls' Middle School (武蔵川女子中学校 Musashigawa Joshi Chūgakkō?, lit. "Musashigawa Girls' Junior High School") and Musashigawa Girls' High School (武蔵川女子中学校・高等部 Musashigawa Joshi Chūgakkō Kōtōbu?, lit. "Musashigawa Girls' Senior High School"). It is a school where several minor characters introduced in Corpse Party attended.

You can also collect the students' name tags in Corpse Party for PC, PSP/iOS and 3DS, as well as Corpse Party: Book of Shadows.


Middle School Students
Name Class Age Sex Design
Hikari Kirigami (桐上 ひかり Kirigami Hikari?) Class I-2 13 Female BloodCovered Hikari's Corpse
Chihaya Yamase (山瀬 千早 Yamase Chihaya?) Class I-4 14(BC/2U) 13(BR) Female Chihaya Yamase CoPa
Nana Ogasawara (小笠原 奈那 Ogasawara Nana?) Class I-4 14(BC/2U) 13(BR) Female Nana Ogasawara CoPa
Nari Amatoya (天戸屋 成 Amatoya Nari?) Class I-6 14(BC/2U) 13(BR) Female Nari Amatoya CoPa
Hodoka Manome (馬目 ほどか Manome Hodoka?) Unknown Class 13 Female N/A
High School Students
Name Class Age Sex Design
Mika Naruse (成瀬 実香 Naruse Mika?) Class II-3 17 Female Mika Naruse NameTag
Rio Kazane (風音 璃穏 Kazane Rio?) Class II-3 17 Female Rio Kazane NameTag


  • Musashigawa Girls' School has the grim honor of being the only school with collectible name tags in both Corpse Party and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows.
    • Both Hikari Kirigami and Nari Amatoya are the only characters in the Corpse Party series to have their name tags found in both Corpse Party and Book of Shadows.
  • The Musashigawa main trio of girls (Nana, Chihaya and Nari) are the protagonists of the first extra chapter in Corpse Party.
  • Hikari's surname has been spelled three different ways.
    • In Corpse Party, her surname is spelled as Kirigami and also erroneously spelled as Kirijou.
    • In Book of Shadows, her surname is erroneously spelled as Kiriue.
  • Hikari appears in the 10th Curse "Classmate" from the third volume in the Corpse Party BloodCovered manga, however she is simply called female student (女生徒 jo seito?).
    • We know it's her because she is the only female corpse next to Masato, Kai and Tomohiro in Corpse Party.
  • Hikari's corpse can be found in two different locations depending on the game.
    • In Corpse Party, Hikari's corpse can be found in the main building.
    • In Book of Shadows, her corpse lies in the corpse disposal room and a vial of blessed water can be recovered from it.
  • In Book of Shadows, Nari's name was mistranslated as Yanari Amato in the Name Tag List. Although inspection of her body in the second episode shows the name tag, Nari Amatoya.
  • In the second episode of Book of Shadows, the corpse of a girl wearing a Musashigawa Girls' school uniform can be found in classroom 1-C. Nana doesn't recognize her however, and examination reveals the name Hodoka Manome.
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