Morishige (森繁 Morishige?) is a Japanese family name and may refer to:

Characters Edit

  • Kumiko Morishige (森繁 久美子 Morishige Kumiko?) - Sakutaro's mother
  • Mitsuko Morishige (森繁 光子 Morishige Mitsuko?) - Sakutaro's grandmother
  • Naotaro Morishige (森繁 直太郎 Morishige Naotarō?) - Sakutaro's grandfather who passed away
  • Sakutaro Morishige (森繁 朔太郎 Morishige Sakutarō?) - Student from Kisaragi Academy Senior High and a main character in Corpse Party series.
  • Seishirou Morishige (森繁 誠士郎 Morishige Seishirō?) - Sakutaro's father

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