Schoolbadge misato

Misato Municipal Brotherhood High emblem.

Misato Municipal Brotherhood High (美里市立彦糸高等学校 Misato Shiritsu Hikoito Kōtōgakkō?, lit. "Misato Municipal Hikoito Senior High School"), also called Misato Municipal Brotherhood Senior High School, is a senior high school from which you can collect the students' name tags in Corpse Party.

The only living person from this school we meet in the game is Kokuhaku Akaboji.

School Emblem

The helmet emblem is that of a warlord who led and defended Misato village against a bandit raid during the Sengoku period. The purple color stands for "virtue," while the V-shaped curved horns symbolize a "compassionate heart."



  • Akihiko Kagurazaka (Class 2-4)
  • Hatto Sudo (Class 2-4)
  • Kain Hagiwara (Class 2-4)
  • Ken Fujii (Class 2-4)
  • Kokuhaku Akaboji (Class 2-4)
  • Mitsuharu Ohtaki (Class 2-4)
  • Shin Aichi (Class 3-6)
  • Tomoe Mizuki (Class 2-4)
  • Yoshiyuki Shinohara (Class 3-4)
  • Yuma Misaki (Class 2-4)


  • The Japanese character on the emblem is kō (?) meaning "magnitude."
  • Misato Municipal is named after Misato (三郷市 Misato-shi?), a city in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.
  • Tomoe Mizuki is named after the recording engineer of Corpse Party BloodCovered.
  • Yoshiyuki Shinohara appears in the 2nd Curse "Heavenly Host Elementary School" from the first volume in the Corpse Party BloodCovered manga, however he was simply called male student (男子生徒 danshi seito?).
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