Mirai Yamamura
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山村 魅来


Yamamura Mirai




Member of Wicca Institute



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Saori Oshiyama

Mirai Yamamura (山村 魅来 Yamamura Mirai?) is a character in Corpse Party: Blood Drive.

Design Edit

Mirai is a kind-looking woman with black hair tied into two pigtails with a pink puffy hairbands. She has brown eyes and wears full-framed glasses.

Personality Edit

Mirai is a white witch of the Wicca Institute where she was an acquaintance of Hinoe Shinozaki. She has a strong connection with the spirits and seems easily scared and shy, as she didn't even attempt to get away from or stand up to Magari Mizuki when she manupulated her into doing her dirty work for her.

Plot Edit

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Edit

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Blood Drive follow

CHAPTER 00『 A Faint Light 』Edit

Mirai has gone to visit Ayumi Shinozaki in the hospital. She comforts her and sympathizes with Ayumi's loss. Mirai reveals that she was the last person Hinoe contacted before she died and her last wish is for Ayumi to retrieve the Book of Shadows, which the Shinozaki family has passed down for generations. The book must not fall into the wrong hands, otherwise the world will be plunged into a total chaos.

She gives Ayumi Makina Shinozaki's address and tells her that she and the other Wiccans couldn't enter Makina's room because they are too strongly connected to the spirit world, making them really sensitive to the spirits. After Ayumi agreed to Mirai's request, she left the hospital room.

It turns out at least part of all that was a lie and was staged by Magari Mizuki who was threatening Mirai. Mirai runs off after Magari dismissed her.

Significant plot details end here.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite playing a very minor role in Corpse Party: Blood Drive, Team Gris Gris still sees Mirai as important enough to include a short bio, as well as her concept art in the Blood Drive Fanbook.
    • Even though Team Gris Gris decided to give her a short bio, all of her statistic information, such as her blood type and birthday, have been marked with "?"
    • In a short section above her concept art, the very last sentence poses the question, "Will she return in a future game (sequel?)" which may hint at her future involvement within the series.

Gallery Edit

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Edit

Bessatsu Corpse Party Edit

Appearances Edit

Title Design Chapters
Corpse Party: Blood Drive
(PlayStation Vita)
Mirai Yamamura-trprt kindlephoto-573016 CHAPTER 00『 A Faint Light 』
Title Design Volumes/Chapters
Bessatsu Corpse Party
Bsst-mirai-full kindlephoto-590855 Prologue
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