Mio Yuzuki

柚木 美桜
(ゆずき みお)


Yuzuki Mio




Paulownia Academy High School


High School Student







Mio Yuzuki (柚木 美桜 Yuzuki Mio?) is a student from Paulownia Academy High School and a minor character introduced in the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows light novel. She makes her first in-game appearance as a minor supporting character in Corpse Party: Blood Drive.

Design Edit

Mio is a teenage girl of unknown height and weight. She has brown eyes and medium length brown hair styled back into a ponytail. She has bangs and a silver clip on the right side of her head. Like the other female students of Paulownia Academy, she wears a maroon blazer with a plain white shirt underneath, a plain red necktie, and a dark blue skirt.

Personality Edit

Due to her limited amount of time on-screen, very little is known about Mio Yuzuki's personality. But she seems to be a nice girl and is a huge fan of Sayaka Ooue and is mentioned to be a close friend of her and Naho Saenoki in their freshmen year at Paulownia Academy High School.

Plot Edit

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (Light Novel) Edit

Mio makes a cameo on the cover art along with the other Paulowia students.

Corpse Party CEMETERY0 ~Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi~ Edit

Mio is introduced briefly by Naho Saenoki as one of her friends along with Aiko Niwa and Haruyuki Inumaru.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Edit

CHAPTER 04『Pillars of the Six Demons』 Edit

Satoshi Mochida and Naomi Nakashima head over to Paulowia Academy High School to get research on the greedy Aiko Niwa to find out where their friends -Ayumi Shinozaki and Yoshiki Kishinuma- have gone to. Upon reaching the school, they find Mio (Who has no character pose) in tears and she tells them she's worried about Sayaka and Naho, and tells them about how she and Sayaka got teased for being so similar. She clings onto Satoshi for comfort and admits that she knows that whatever happened to her friends is obviously supernatural related and that there is nothing useful she can do but begs them to do whatever they can to save her friends. She is never seen after this scene so it is unknown if she died or survived when Misuto Kiriya fused the nehan and Earth together.

Trivia Edit

  • Mio is the only student from Paulownia Academy who has had no interactions with Heavenly Host Elementary School at all. In fact, she doesn't even know what Heavenly Host is.

Gallery Edit

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (Light Novel) Edit

Corpse Party CEMETERY0 ~Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi~ Edit

Appearances Edit

Media Gallery Chapters
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (Light Novel)
Corpse Party CEMETERY0 ~Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi~
FILE #01: Urban Legend
Corpse Party: Blood Drive
(Playstation Vita)
CHAPTER 04『Pillars of the Six Demons』
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