Magi-Cu 4 Koma: Corpse Party
Manga Information
Japanese Title

マジキュー4コマ コープスパーティー


Comedy, Ecchi, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Romantic Comedy, School, Shōnen, Supernatural

Illustrated By

Chi, Dry Mousse, Haruka Nakata, Kōsetsu, Kō Okada, Māya Akiho, Miss 01, Muiko Ikuhashi, Nodokuroame, Osomatsu, Roku, Sasami Tami, Seppaku, Shioko, Taka, Tarabagani, Toriniku, and Wakaba Shimada

Published By





Magical Cute Comics

Original Run

March 2013


1 (Incomplete)

Magi-Cu 4-Koma: Corpse Party (マジキュー4コマ コープスパーティー Maji-Kyū Yonkoma: Kōpusu Pātī?, lit. "Magical-Cute 4 Cell Manga: Corpse Party") is a Japanese manga from the Magical Cute series. It features a collection of romantic comedy-themed four-paneled comic strips involving the cast of characters from the Corpse Party series.

The cover is illustrated by Kō Okada. It features comics by Kō Okada, Tarabagani, Toriniku, Seppaku, Muiko Ikuhashi, Kōsetsu, Taka, Sasami Tami, Osomatsu, Roku, Wakaba Shimada, Shioko, Chi, Haruka Nakata, Miss 01, Māya Akiho, Nodokuroame, and Dry Mousse. It is published by Enterbrain.

So far, only one volume has been released on March 25, 2013.

Volume List

Volume 1
Manga Title Cover Release Date ISBN
Magi-Cu 4 Koma: Corpse Party 1
マジキュー4コマ コープスパーティー 1
MagiCu4KomaCorpseParty March 25, 2013 ISBN 978-4-04728-863-8

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