...Heh, Actually, I was pondering. Thinking about how nice it would be if time just...stopped.

—- Kuon Niwa, Corpse Party: Blood Drive (CHAPTER 04 『 Pillars of the Six Demons 』)

Kuon Niwa

丹羽 玖遠
(にわ くおん)


Niwa Kuon


Ms. Kuon (玖遠先生 Kuon-sensei)






170 cm / 5'7''



Birth Date

November 2nd (Scorpio)

Blood Type



Kisaragi Academy Senior High


CEO of Perfect Life Promotions Co.,Inc.





Cause of Death

Used someone else's spirt energy to destroy the Sephroth of Knowledge in a large explosion.






Visiting the zoo


Father (overseas)
Mother (overseas)
Aiko (Younger sister)

Voices & Actors
Vita VA

Saori Hayami

Kuon Niwa (丹羽 玖遠 Niwa Kuon?) is the teacher's assistant of Kisaragi Academy Senior High's Classroom 2-9 and one of the playable main characters introduced in Corpse Party: Blood Drive. She is Aiko Niwa's older sister.

Design Edit

Kuon appears to be a tall, slender woman with petite features. She has dodger blue eyes. Her hair is snow-colored, which is cut into a bob with two longer sections of hair that intertwine into braids and join as it reaches down her back.

Her style of dress is very professional and modest, consisting of collared undershirts, a blazer, and dress pants. This is perhaps to hide her rapidly aging appearance, which is present everywhere but in her face.

Personality Edit

Kuon gives off the air of a sunny, doting personality, similar to Yui Shishido as the five Heavenly Host Elementary School acknowledge in the game on more than one occasion. As a teacher's assistant, she pushes her students to try their hardest and only wants for them to succeed, making her popular among the students. This is demonstrated by her giving Satoshi Mochida tutoring, despite it being in a subject that she doesn't teach, and hounding Yoshiki Kishinuma to make sure he completes his make-up work.

Despite coming from a place of love, Kuon can be very controlling. Her overly-developed brain has given her the ability to see the most effective action to completing a task, leading her not letting others take the leadership role. But because of her exceedingly high intelligence, Kuon is very logic-oriented and often fails to factor in how her actions might impact those around her. She doesn't understand the emotion behind the reactions she receives, such as Aiko's anger towards her controlling nature, or Satoshi's unease towards her love confession.

Plot Edit

Corpse Party: Blood Drive Edit

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Blood Drive follow

CHAPTER 00 『 A Faint Light 』 Edit

Kuon is the assistant teacher of Kisaragi Academy Senior High, much like Yui. At the same time, she is also the CEO of Perfect Life Promotions Co., Inc, a company she worked her way up from due to her very high IQ.

She makes her first appearance meeting Yoshiki and Satoshi on the school rooftop during lunch break, where Satoshi despairs at not being packed lunch by his mother. Kuon asks what is Satoshi's favorite dish and leaves the rooftop. A short time later one of her men arrives by helicopter to deliver Satoshi's favorite food, stunning the two boys in wondering who Kuon is.

CHAPTER 01 『 Returning』 Edit

Kuon later playfully forces Satoshi to study for a quiz he had missed earlier, preventing him from meeting up with Yoshiki and Ayumi Shinozaki.

CHAPTER 02 『 Respective Desires 』 Edit

That night, she came home seeing her sister Aiko present, getting ready to head off. However, Aiko rebuffs Kuon's kindness before leaving.

CHAPTER 03 『 Pain 』 Edit

The next day she hounds Yoshiki into doing the same but then sees Naomi Nakashima on top of the school building with a dazed expression. Kuon calms Naomi down but sees her left eye had been cursed. Patching it up (and believing that the eye has indeed been cursed) she offers to take her back home, but Naomi refuses. Seeing her disheveled appearance that suggests she ran way from home, Kuon takes Naomi back to her place to stay for the time being.

CHAPTER 04 『 Pillars of the Six Demons 』 Edit

Kuon later meets and becomes friendly with the Mochida family, much to Satoshi's shock and embarrassment. She soon converts their house to the Mochida Hot Springs and entices Satoshi and the accompanying Naomi to join in. That night, Satoshi finds Kuon alone and naked; her body appears to be very thin with her spine and ribs clearly visible. Kuon does not appear to be embarrassed but rather pleased that Satoshi saw her. Despite the teacher-student relationship, Kuon confesses to being in love with Satoshi. However, not knowing Kuon since returning from Heavenly Host, Satoshi gently rejected her. Although disappointed she remains happy that Satoshi, as well as the other survivors, are genuinely grateful to her.

CHAPTER 05 『 Breakdown 』 Edit

CHAPTER 06 『 Book of Shadows 』 Edit

CHAPTER 07 『 Determination 』 Edit

CHAPTER 08 『 Ties Severed, Ties Mended 』 Edit

CHAPTER 09 『 Imperator 』 Edit

CHAPTER 10 『 Reparations 』 Edit

When Kuon returns with her students to the top of the final pillar, they find Magari and Satsuki both waiting for them. Magari tells them that the pillar is going to go off no matter what and they needed to go now. Kuon's Everafter Stone is still charging, and not enough power for everyone, and Magari's stone was crushed during her fight with Sachi. The characters are all doomed until Kuon speaks up and uses her everafter stones to destroy the pillar, so the others live. She dies in the explosion.

Significant plot details end here.

Trivia Edit

  • Kuon's personal life is shrouded with mystery.
    • Kuon doesn't share information about her weight, blood type, and dislikes in the Corpse Party: BLOOD DRIVE Complete Series Fanbook, and uses evasive answers instead, such as "Same with Ai's" for her weight and blood type and "Nothing much" for stuff she dislikes.
    • It's unknown what is her body's age despite her being mentally 24 years old.
    • A question mark is listed with her birth date.
    • Kuon is the tallest female character in the series at 170 cm/5'7".
  • Kuon is shown to be the first person of the group of people that have feelings for Satoshi to actually confess with it being canon and part of the true story.


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