Eiko Matsuno
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松野 映子
(まつの えいこ)


Matsuno Eiko




St. Catherine Academy High School


High school student
Amateur photographer


11th Grade



Eiko Matsuno (松野 映子 Matsuno Eiko?) is a student at St. Catherine Academy High School, a ghost trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School, and a character introduced in Corpse Party: Coupling X Anthology.


Eiko is a teenage girl with long light hair reaching her waist, and black rimmed glasses. She also had two pigtails from the back of her head. She wears the standard St. Catherine Academy High School female uniform. As a ghost, she gives off a red glow, reflecting her (presumably) overall malevolent personality. Like others who died in Heavenly Host, she is able to take the form of a flaming ball.


Despite the fact that she is described as a red spirit, Eiko is not very sinister or threatening. Rather, she is somewhat cowardly and can be scared by living people despite the fact that she is already dead. She is very dedicated to her job as a photographer, and even in death continues her work. She has the ability to take photos using "spirit photography", and can send these pictures to other cameras.


Corpse Party: Coupling X AnthologyEdit

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Coupling X Anthology follow

"A Dark Gray Portrait"Edit

While wandering the school, Eiko hears somebody not too far off. She manages to find the person and is horrified to find Kai Shimada masturbating. He sees her in her ball form and grabs her. Eiko yells at him to let her go. Curious, Kai squeezes her, much to her discomfort. Managing to get away, she is suddenly grasped by Yuuya Kizami, who, noticing she still has a spark left in her, decides to torture her with his knife. Terrified, she flees, only to bump into Sakutaro Morishige, accidentally sending him the picture of Kai masturbating in the process.


Corpse Party: Coupling X AnthologyEdit


Corpse Party: Coupling X Anthology
"A Dark Gray Portrait"
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