East Koyo Elementary (光洋東小学校 Kōyō Higashi Shōgakkō?, lit. Koyo Higashi Elementary School) is a elementary school from which you can collect students' name tags in Corpse Party: Blood Drive.

Members Edit

Name Class Age Sex Design
Chika Amiyama (網山 知香 Amiyama Chika?) Class 5-3 10 Female ChikaAmiyamaNameTag
Erika Katabami (方波見 英里香 Katabami Erika?) Class 5-3 10 Female ErikaKatabamiNameTag
Hijiri Ikeda (池田 聖 Ikeda Hijiri?) Class 5-3 10 Male HijiriIkedaNameTag
Ryunosuke Sugimoto (杉本 龍之介 Sugimoto Ryunosuke?) Class 5-3 11 Male RyunosukeSugimotoNameTag
Takuya Hamanaga (濱永 拓也 Hamanaga Takuya?) Class 5-3 11 Male TakuyaHamanagaNameTag
Tamaki Akaba (赤葉 珠希 Akaba Tamaki?) Class 5-3 10 Female TamakiAkabaNameTag
Tsubakurou Shibata (柴田 燕ウ Shibata Tsubakurou?) Class 5-3 10 Male TsubakurouShibataNameTag

Trivia Edit

Schools in Corpse Party
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Takine Municipal Middle School
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Kisaragi AcademyKitashiro High SchoolKoraku Yanagiya High School
Nijima Academy High SchoolPaulownia Academy High SchoolSobutai Junior High School
St. Cruz Girls' High SchoolSugatani Senior High SchoolTakemori Trade School
Other Schools Minazuki Academy High SchoolSatsukiyama AcademyTendo Girls' Senior High School
Tsukinoka High School

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