East Kawaki Middle (東河木中学校 Higashi Kawaki Gakuen Chūtōbu?, lit. Higashikagi Middle School/ Higashikagi Junior High School) is a junior high school from which you can collect name tags in Corpse Party: Blood Drive.

Members Edit

Name Occupation Age Sex Design
Sumito Ogiwara (萩原 澄人 Ogiwara Sumito?) Teacher 30 Male SumitoOgiwaraNameTag
Yuji Sanuki (讃岐 祐司 Sanuki Yuji?) Teacher 38 Male YujiSanukiNameTag
Name Class Age Sex Design
Eiji Izumi (和泉 英治 Izumi Eiji?) Class 2-4 13 Male EijiIzumiNameTag
Erika Shibuya (澁谷 えりか Shibuya Erika?) Class 2-4 14 Female ErikaShibuyaNameTag
Hiromi Shimamura (島村 浩美 Hiromi Shimamura?) Class 2-4 14 Female HiromiShimamuraNameTag
Katsuki Asaoka (朝岡 克樹 Katsuki Asaoka?) Class 2-4 13 Male KatsukiAsaokaNameTag
Megumi Terai (寺井 出恵 Megumi Terai?) Class 2-4 14 Female MegumiTeraiNameTag
Mika Orie (織衣 美歌 Orie Mika?) Class 2-4 14 Female MikaOrieNameTag
Yuta Totsuka (戸塚 雄太 Totsuka Yuta?) Class 2-4 14 Male YutaTotsukaNameTag

Trivia Edit

  • Mika Orie is the illustrator of Corpseparty; Musume and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows manga.
  • Sumito Ogiwara's spirit appears in Chapter 2 after Haruyuki Inumaru falls ill to the darkening. He tells Aiko to use the statue in his corpse to save him, showing off the mechanic of darkening in Corpse Party: Blood Drive.
    • By extension, the descriptions of name tags show us that the friend he was trying to save is his fellow teacher Yuji Sanuki.

Gallery Edit

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