Distant Futures Elementary School (とおのべ小学校 Tōnobe Shōgakkō?, lit. "Distant Fields Elementary School") is an elementary school from which you can collect the students' name tags in Corpse Party for PC, PSP/iOS and 3DS.


Name Class Age Sex Design
Kanau Sachimura (幸村叶 Sachimura Kanau?) Class 4-3 9 Female * Kanau Sachimura NameTag
Kanzuki Saito (斎藤神月 Saitō Kanzuki?) Class 4-3 9 Female * Kanzuki Saito NameTag
* - The sex written here is not confirmed and the reasoning of assumption is not as easily supported as the others, the reasons being name origins or corpse design. Please take this into the account.


  • Distant Futures Elementary School is the only school out of the Corpse Party series with the youngest students ever to enter the cursed halls of Heavenly Host Elementary School at the tender ages of 9. 
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