For the manga, see Corpse Party CEMETERY0 ~Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi~.
Corpse Party Cemetery0



Manga Information
Japanese Title

コープスパーティー Cemetery0


Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Tragedy

Written By

Makoto Kedouin

Illustrated By


Published By




Original Run

September 2011


2 (Complete)

Corpse Party Cemetery0 (コープスパーティー Cemetery0 Kōpusu Pātī Cemetery0?) is a Japanese light novel written by Makoto Kedouin, illustrated by Ichihaya, and published by Takeshobo. This light novel is a prequel to the Corpse Party series and follows Naho Saenoki on her paranormal investigations.

The first volume in the series was released on September 22, 2011.

Plot Edit

There is a website for suicides appearing on the Internet only at midnight and when certain specific keywords are searched. Although it is supposed to be only a mere urban myth, girls who perform the ritual suddenly disappear. High school paranormalist Naho Saenoki launches an investigation to shed light on this gruesome incident while the amount of victims keeps increasing. And then, it happens to Naho herself...

Trivia Edit

  • The plot was likely heavily influenced by another series called Death Note.

Characters Edit

The majority of the cast of characters are a group of students from Paulownia Academy High School and Tendo Girls' Senior High School. The main characters include:

Main Characters Edit

Characters Gallery
Naho Saenoki
A high school paranormalist.
Sayaka Ooue
Naho's classmate and radio personality.
Akari Roen
Student from Tendo Girls' Senior High School.
Miku Sensu
Student from Tendo Girls' Senior High School.
Shiori Izuru
Student from Tendo Girls' Senior High School.
Kou Kibiki
Occult journalist whom Naho admires.
Shougo Taguchi
Kou's cameraman.

Supporting Characters Edit

Characters Gallery
Aiko Niwa
Naho's classmate and rival.
Magari Mizuki
Paulownia Academy's transfer student.

Volume List Edit

Volume List
Vol. Manga Title Cover Release Date ISBN
1 English: Corpse Party Cemetery0 ~Naho Saenoki's Examination of the Spiritual World: File #01 [Horrible Moonlit Night]~
Japanese: コープスパーティー Cemetery0 〜冴之木七星の霊界調査ファイル#01【惨月夜話】〜
Hepburn: Kōpusu Pātī Cemetery0 ~Saenoki Naho no Reikai Chōsa Fairu #01【Mugo Tsukiyo Banashi】~
CorpsePartyCemetery0 June 22, 2013 ISBN 978-4-81248-310-7
Table Of Contents
  • Prologue (プロローグ)
  • Chapter 1: Friends, Massacre and Urban Legends (第一章 トモダチと皆殺と都市伝説)
  • Chapter 2: Fomenting (第二章 胎動)
  • Chapter 3: Stardust, a Transfer Student and Stark Murder (第三章 星の砂と転校生と全裸殺人)
  • Chapter 4: Girl Meets Girl (第四章 ガール・ミート・ガール)
  • Chapter 5: Asphyxiated Heart (第五章 サンゲツナハト)
  • Afterword (あとがき)
Vol. Manga Title Cover Release Date ISBN
2 English: Corpse Party Cemetery0 ~Naho Saenoki's Secret~
Japanese: コープスパーティー Cemetery0 〜冴之木七星の秘密〜
Hepburn: Kōpusu Pātī Cemetery0 ~Saenoki Naho no Himitsu~
CorpsePartyCemetery0a N/A ISBN N/A
Table Of Contents

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