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Corpse Party BloodCovered: ...Repeated Fear



Novel Information
Japanese Title

コープスパーティー ブラッドカバー リピーティッドフィアー (上)
コープスパーティー ブラッドカバー リピーティッドフィアー (下)


Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Tragedy

Written By

Tsuzuki Yoshihiro (Author)
Team GrisGris, 5pb. (Original Work)

Illustrated By


Published By

Kodansha Light Novel Bunko


2 (Complete)

Release Date

December 28, 2011 (Vol. 1)
March 30, 2012 (Vol. 2)

Corpse Party BloodCovered: ...Repeated Fear (コープスパーティー ブラッドカバー リピーティッドフィアー Kōpusu Pātī BuraddoKabā Ripītiddo Fiā ?, lit. Corpse Party BloodCovered: ...Repeated Fear) is Japanese light novel series written by Tsuzuki Yoshihiro and published by Kodansha Light Novel Bunko. This light novel is an adaptation of Corpse Party. It consists of two volumes.

Blurb Edit

Volume 1 Edit

The charm that a group of students performed to be friends forever for the sake of their classmate Mayu who will be transferring to another school was the beginning of a nightmare! Awoken with the thunder, they saw an old school building they never saw before. It is the location where four children who were the victims of a serial kidnapping were murdered thirty years ago. While searching for their separated classmates alone, a person and their figure will also be erased. Will they ever escape from the blood covered school? Carrying a faint hope, the newspaper article that was left behind there is sneering at them.

Volume 2 Edit

Heavenly Host Elementary School is the nightmarish location where four children who were involved in a serial kidnapping were murdered. Satoshi and others who were trapped in this tragic location learned that the cause of it is something called 'Sachiko Ever After'. To go back to the real world, they must perform the 'reversed reconstruction' of the charm. However, while the children's grudge is still not exorcised and Sachiko's repentance has not been drawn out, the 'reversed reconstruction' would be ineffective. They have to lift the curse as soon as possible, but their friends' current condition is......

Characters Edit

The majority of the cast of characters are a group of students from Kisaragi Academy. The main characters include:

Main Characters Edit

Characters Gallery
Satoshi Mochida
The main protagonist.
Naomi Nakashima
Satoshi's classmate and friend.
Yoshiki Kishinuma
Satoshi's classmate and friend.
Ayumi Shinozaki
Satoshi's classmate, and the class representative of classroom 2-9.
Yuka Mochida
Satoshi's spoiled little sister.
Seiko Shinohara
Satoshi's classmate.
Mayu Suzumoto
Satoshi's classmate, and member of the theatre club. She is transferring to another school.
Sakutaro Morishige
Satoshi's classmate and member of the theatre club.
Yui Shishido
The homeroom teacher of classroom 2-9.
Naho Saenoki
A high school paranormalist, idolized by Ayumi.
Yuuya Kizami
A student from another school, who also wound up in Heavenly Host.
Yuuya Kizami 103
Sachiko Shinozaki
A mysterious girl in a red dress that appears before Satoshi and the others.

Volume List Edit

Vol. Light Novel Title Cover Release Date ISBN
1 Corpse Party BloodCovered: ...Repeated Fear (Top)
スパーティー ブラッドカバー リピーティッドフィアー (上)
Bcrf-novel-top December 28, 2011 978-4-06-375213-7
  • Prologue (プロローグ)
  • Chapter.1 "Naomi" (直美)
  • Chapter.2 "Yoshiki" (良樹)
  • Chapter.3 "Yuka" (由香)
  • Chapter.4 "Ayumi" (あゆみ)
2 Corpse Party BloodCovered: ...Repeated Fear (Bottom)
スパーティー ブラッドカバー リピーティッドフィアー (下)
Bcrf-novel-bottom March 30, 2012 978-4-06-375225-0
  • Chapter.5 "Satoshi" (哲志)
  • Chapter.6 "Ayumi" (あゆみ)
  • Chapter.7 "Naomi" (直美)
  • Chapter.8 "Satoshi" (哲志)
  • Epilogue "Naomi" (直美)
  • Afterword (あとがき Atogaki)

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