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For the PSP and iOS game, see Corpse Party: Book of Shadows.
Book of Shadows
Book of Shadows



Bukku obu Shadouzu

The Book of Shadows is a dark, magical tome filled with instructions on how to perform various spells.


Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: Book of Shadows follow

The book is crafted from human skin and animal hides, and has a skull design sewn onto the front cover. There are two scratch marks resembling two Fuþark (Futhark) runes, Ansuz and Hagalaz, on the upper left and bottom right corner of the cover respectively.

The contents of the book contain instructions on numerous spells and rituals written by witches of the olden days. Due to many Witch Hunts killing off Witches, magic was shunned. In order to ensure that all knowledge of magic was not forgotten, they created the Book of Shadows and passed it down from generation to generation.

The book eventually ended up in the possession of Yoshie Shinozaki, and remained in the hidden basement of her home long after her death, only to be found later by Ayumi Shinozaki and Naomi Nakashima.

Known spellsEdit

Land of Corpses: A spell to open the door of the dead - Assumed to be the spell used by Yoshie to create the alternate dimension version of Heavenly Host Elementary School.

Raising of Corpses: A spell to resurrect the dead - A forbidden spell capable of reviving the dead, but may also curse the casters. The spell requires two casters.

Fact Loop: A spell only the former master of Heavenly Host, Sachiko can use allowing her to revert time. Even if the same fate cannot be avoided, the road taken to get there may differ.

Significant plot details end here.

Gallery Edit

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The Book of Shadows is based off of a book also known as the Book of Shadows. The one in real life contains religious texts and magical ritual instructions for Wiccans.
  • The Fuþark (Futhark) runes on the Book of Shadows have symbolic meanings:
    • Ansuz stands for god or divine breath. It represents stability, order, knowledge, and wisdom.
    • Hagalaz stands for hail. It represents disruption, interference, and warning of dangers.
Item Navigation
Items in Corpse Party: Blood Drive
Do note that not all items appear in players inventory, some are only seen during cutscenes.
CHAPTER 00 10 yen Gum ENG BD 10 yen Gum JPN BD 10-yen GumSachi'sTeeth BD Baby TeethBatteries BD BatteriesBird Corpse BD Bird CorpsePork Cutlet on Rice with Egg BD Pork Cutlet
Sachiko Ever After BD Sachiko Ever AfterLunchbox ENG BD Lunchbox JPN BD Satoshi's Lunchbox
CHAPTER 01 Argus Cude BD Argus CubeBandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesEver After Stones 01 BD Everafter StonesLoose Board
Photo of Sayaka
CHAPTER 02 Bandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesCursed FlyerEverafter StonesLoose Board
Glass Ball BD MarbleTalisman
CHAPTER 03 Alcohol LampBandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesClassroom KeyLab KeyMatches
Strawberry Milk Bun BD Strawberry Milk BunTalismanWalkway Key
CHAPTER 04 Alcohol LampBandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesBird Corpse BD Bird CorpseCrowbar
Gym Key"Honor""Justice"Loose BoardMatches"Mercy"
Music Room KeyPump Room KeySteel AxeStrawberry Milk Bun BD Strawberry Milk Bun
CHAPTER 05 Bandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesEverafter StonesTalisman
CHAPTER 06 Argus Cude BD Argus CubeBandages BD BandageBatteries BD Batteries"Base"Grimoire
"Crown"Staircase KeyTalisman
CHAPTER 07 Calavera Necklace BD Calavera Necklace
CHAPTER 08 Bandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesEverafter StonesGrimoireTalisman
CHAPTER 09 Bandages BD BandageBatteries BD BatteriesBook of ShadowsDark CrystalDen Key
Light CrystalNaho's HairpinSharp RockSteel AxeTalisman
CHAPTER 10 Futhark Document 01 BD Futhark Document 1Futhark Document 02 BD Futhark Document 2Futhark Document 03 BD Futhark Document 3
Futhark Document 04 BD Futhark Document 4Futhark Document 05 BD Futhark Document 5Glass Ball BD Glass BallTiny Key BD Tiny Key

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