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—Aya Shinohara, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Aya Shinohara

Aya in the BloodCovered manga

Aya in the Book of Shadows manga


篠原 アヤ
(しのはら アヤ)






Yuutaro (father)
Sayaka (mother, missing)
Seiko (older sister)
Yuu (older brother)
Kei (older brother)

Aya Shinohara (篠原 アヤ Shinohara Aya?) is a minor character in the Corpse Party series. She's the younger sister of Seiko Shinohara and Yuu Shinohara.

Design Edit

Aya is shown as a very young girl. She has light colored hair, lightest of her siblings, styled into two upward pigtails. In her two physical appearances she is shown wearing two different outfits: one typical long sleeve shirt and the other is a dress with a white collar and a dark colored ribbon. Out of all of the siblings she is always known as the shortest, hinting at her being the youngest sibling in the family.

Personality Edit

Due to how little appearance Aya makes, not much is known on her personality. She is shown to be a bright and energetic little girl, seen playing with her brother Kei. As well as immature, as she needs her oldest brother to take charge of her in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows after their sister dies.

Plot Edit

Corpse Party: Blood Covered Edit

Volume 4 Edit

When Seiko is talking to her best friend in Heavenly Host Elementary School about her home life, she has a flashback of when she gave her family dinner and remembers the look on Aya's cheerful face.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Edit

Prologue; 『BloodDrive』 Edit

When Yuu, now the adult figure due to Seiko's demise, is trying to control his younger siblings Aya giggles and fools around like her brother Kei but does follow Yuu's orders on their way to the market.

Her role is exactly the same in the manga retelling of the story.


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