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Amare Patriarcha Crucis Hospital (文月大付属・慈愛十字(パトリアーカル)病院 Fumizuki Daifuzoku Patoriākaru Byōin?, lit. "July University Patriarchal Hospital") is the main location where Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient takes place.

Members Edit

Staff Edit

  • Adachi (Internal Medicine Department)
  • Hoshino
  • Inoue
  • Kashiwagi (E.N.T. Department)
  • Katori
  • Kirishima (E.N.T. Department)
  • Kouno
  • Masami Yoshinaka (Registered Nurse)
  • Matsuda
  • Mikami (Internal Medicine Department)
  • Mitamura (Trauma Department)
  • Saitou (E.N.T. Department)
  • Shimomae (Trauma Department)
  • Tsuchida
  • Watari (E.N.T. Department)

Patients Edit

See also: Medical Examination Cards.

Trivia Edit

  • Amare Patriarcha Crucis is Latin for "Love Patriarch Cross."

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